About Mofa Forum

Mofa Forum was created in 2017 in order to document some of our neihbors and friends home improvement tips.  As I am helping my parents and grandparents renovate their homes, I am taking diligent notes regarding the installation, identification of problems, fixes, and so on and so forth.

More about Nathan

I am Nathan, and I am a Junior in College. I am currently attending Michigan State University, and am going to school for Business.  I have a strong work drive for school, and during the summers or winters that gets redirected towards my parents and grandparents.  They have helped me become the person that I am, and I would like to help them retire quicker by improving their homes and getting them ready for sale.

For starters, I will be focusing on fixing my parents roof.  Several of the shingles are loose and in need of a replacement. Some are also leaking around the venting area, and as such the seals need to be replaced.

Who knows what area of their homes I will look at next, all I know is it will be a wild ride. So keep reading, and lets learn together.