Common Roof Repair Costs and Identification

If you have experienced a recent storm with high winds, you could have lost shingles, or some may have been damaged. This damage is obvious when you look at the top of your home. To resolve this problem, you need to replace the shingles as soon as possible. The cost is approximately $30 per shingle. You should probably contact a professional to make the replacement to ensure any warranty you have is not void. In fact your existing warranty may cover some of these damages.

Flashing, Metal Strip, and Seal Repair

The flashing is metal strips that create a seal between the joints. If the flashing is old, or there have been extreme weather conditions, this barrier will crack. You need to remove the surrounding materials and strip. Replace it with a new metal strip and reseal it with roofing tar. The total cost is around $20.

aluminum gutter leaking water days after a storm

Leaking gutter due to broken seal at joint


Gutter And Vent Repair

Gutters have to be cleaned periodically. If they aren’t, the rainwater will build up within the gutters instead of running off efficiently. This pooling will eventually leak into your home. To solve this problem, you have to clean your home’s gutters every few months.

The venting boot seals your roof vents to prevent water from coming into your home. However, this booting can become cracked over time. You need to cut away the old boot and replace it with a new one, sealing it with caulk. The average cost is around $15.

Of course, if larger sections are damaged you will be looking at a greater cost. On average, roof repair for metal is about $300, asphalt shingles average $250 and slate averages $530. A professional should complete large jobs like this.

How Much Does it Cost To Repair Your Roof?

No one will be able to answer that question off hand unless they take a look at the condition of your roof. It depends on many factors. You need to sit and make a list of answers to questions like, since how long has the roof been leaking? Apparently, if it shows on the exterior, then it must have been leaking for a while on the interiors before it came to the stage of pushing itself outside. The next question that you need to ask yourself is what is the area of leakage? Is it only curtailed to a small portion or a larger area? If it is a larger area obviously, it will bring about more expenses. The next thing is to ask yourself how much are you willing to spend to fix it? Would you want to invest a lot of money to fix the leakage permanently or do you want something that will stand in as temporary? What kind of material do you want to fix it with, the best quality or a medium quality?

After all this, you can check online to look for professional repairers. Call a few home and show them the roof and then question them about how much does it cost to repair your roof. Check to see if they know what they are talking about. Expertise is what you need. You may have called the repairers of a company home, but experience and brand name need to go hand in hand. Once they give you an estimate, don’t settle for them as yet.

Thank them and call others. Thus you will be looking at various options and getting different estimates. This will also lead you to a general conclusion of the extent of damage caused by the leakage, and you will have a fair idea of how much does it cost to repair your roof. Now sit back and choose from all the options the one that works out best for you regarding labor, days spent in labor, material and cost of labor and material. The repair should be long lasting. A shady job only taking care of the temporary situation must be avoided at all costs because this could lead to bigger leakages and more expenses.

Roof Repair Causes and Identification

Maintaining your home is not cheap. However, roof repair is less costly than an entirely new roof. Homeowners spend between $316 and $1,017 on average to mend leaks. It is important to handle these problems as they arise so that you don’t cause more damage to your home.

Finding Leaks and Their Causes

When you begin to see leaks in your home, you need first to determine what the problem is. There are many reasons that you suddenly have problems. Some of these problems may include missing shingles, leading pipe flashing, valleys, ice dams, or even a low slope to the incline of your roof. Any of these problems should be addressed by a specialist immediately to avoid significant damage to your structure.

If it is simply a leak, you will need to locate the spot quickly. Dripping and water accumulation is easy to track from inside the home. Viewing your roof from a ladder, you should be able to see depressions where the wood underneath has been damaged.

However, if you are finding water coming into your home, and an inspection of the shingles shows no obvious damage, you may leak coming in from around your gutters, chimney, or even you venting pipes. An expert can find the exact location and suggest the necessary roof repair to stop the leak.