Home Window Inspection and Replacement

Over the past few weeks, I know we really hit home how important a healthy roof is to the overall look and integrity of your house. Which is why we will be shifting gears slightly and begin focusing on another critical aspect to the value and look of your home – Windows.


Window Inspection

Window left open

Nobody likes drafty windows, so shut them when not in use!

At least twice a year, take the time to look closely at your windows, doors, and skylights. Be on the lookout for air leaks, water droplets or drips, gap in the sealant, and rot on both the inside and outside of the window. Any homeowner, or renter, can perform a quick check with a simple walk around, and a little bit of know how.


Checking for Air Leaks

Nobody wants a surprise energy bill, so before the seasons change always do a quick check for air leaks. Checking for leaks can help extend the life of the window by extending the life of the window sealant.

In order to inspect a window or a window seal in your home, follow these simple steps:

  1. Seal the house off by closing all the doors, windows, skylights and other miscellaneous openings.
  2. Close all vents leading to the outside (including the laundry exhaust).
  3. Turn the exhaust fans off.
  4. Take a candle or incense stick along the outside of a window and watch to see if the smoke is pushed to the window or away from it.

If the smoke is pushed away from the window or more closely to it you may have a draft.  In the event of a draft monitor how strong and consistent the airflow is.


Need a New Window? Now What?

With Fall right around the corner we all know a cold winter is upon us. If you have just walked around your home and completed a window inspection, you may find one of the following to be true:

  1. My Windows are Drafty

This is clearly the most obvious way to determine you need new windows. The corners of the window deteriorate the quickest and can allow for moisture to be let in.

2. My energy Bills are creeping up

Do you think your energy bills are increasing, even if it doesn’t match the weather? Windows with broken seals can really increase your energy spending.

3. My windows are hard to open and hard to close

If this is the case with your windows, you should considering replacing them immediately. The worst case scenario of having a window stuck open during the winter months can cost you dearly when it comes to pay the electric bills! When windows are hard to open or impossible to close, it means the windows structural integrity has been compromised. This is most common in double hung windows because they have twice the removable parts.


When to Replace Windows

In the event you are looking for replacement windows, contact your local window contractor for more details regarding the specific needs.  Be sure to ask about energy-efficient options, the difference between vinyl window replacement, and wooden windows. And as always, ask for references of their past work.

Natural lighting coming in through a push open window